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Vite Senza Paura Association stems from a major project of professionals involved in social work, which, together with their President Maria Grazia Cucinotta, argue that every day women are victims of violence. We are from the part of women together to say #stopviolence!

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Professional women in the fields of art, law, medicine, entrepreneurs.





President, Legal Commission

Born in Rome in April 1967 but of Sicilian descent, Solveig Cogliani graduated in Law in 1989 from La Sapienza. Her path is marked by the encounter with the artists M. Bentivoglio, E. Calabria, A. Ilacqua, E. Masci, S. Oliva, R. Savinio e L. Tardia .Her creativity involves many disciplines. Graduated at the RUFA with A. Romoli, and sensitive to social issues, since 2004 participates in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since 2006 frequently in Sicily, collaborates with pottery workshop and she takes part to performance together Esos Theatre in Gibellina, Orestiadi.  In Italy collaborates with many art gallery. Together the Michelangelo she participated to the exhibitions “Nei colori di Roma”, by D. Maestosi; “Diarius”, Maschio Angioino, Napoli, by Gallo Mazzeo; a Castel dell’Ovo.

 In 2010, she has presented her “Pop Star” at the Vittoriano Museum of Rome, where she was again in 2015 with “la Grande Guerra” a by C. Strinati. Opened the Villa Altieri’s in Roma, presented from L. Beatrice. Her paintings are at the Foundation Roma Mediterraneo Museum. In 2011 she’s selected for the Venice Biennale and in 2014 she received the Spoleto Festival’s award. She takes part to the Benetton project “Imago Mundi”, by L. Beatrice. She's external collaborator Pontifical Academy of the virtuous to the pantheon. He makes a work for Vatican Radio.

In 2014, she was in “Artisti di Sicilia” exhibition, by V. Sgarbi. Her life and painting is described in “A Kind of Woman”, Electa Mondadori. In 2015, her first installation, “Heaven’s Gate” for the  Cubo Festival of Ronciglione.

 In 2018 She takes part to Bias. With Cossessantuno gallery born, in Palermo,  the project  'Storks are immortal', and the meeting with the gallery Agorà and the art critic Paolo Battaglia La Terra Borgese.

Vice-president and President of the Scientific Commission

Prof. Malatacca Francesca, a Professor of Psychology at the University of rome “Link Campus University” in Rome. Graduated in Psychology at the University of Rome “La SAPIENZA” with a thesis in Psychophysiology, and specialized in Psychotherapy. Psycho-Oncology studies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Policlinico “Agostino Gemelli”, Rome. Vice-president of “LIFE WITHOUT FEAR” non-profit against violence on women and President of the Scientific Commission. Responsible for the Service of the Psycho-Oncology Unit, Care of the Breast “SenoClinic” Villa Benedetta. Specialist in “Attachment theory”, the creator of the Method “I WANT to be BORN®”, care of Infertility, the Psychological and the Abortion sine cause. Member of the Scientific Commission of the Foundation “W ALE” non-profit organization for the study of Rare Genetic Diseases. Collaborator in Research Projects in Oncology. Coordinated doctors in Training and the Communication of the Diagnosis to the patient and to the family at the “Celio” Military Polyclinic. Consultant in Research projects and Training Courses for gynecologists and obstetricians at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart “Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic” Polo for the health of the Woman and the Child. Supervisor of multidisciplinary teams for new approaches to the Psychodynamics of the Woman of the Couple, and Reproduction.


Actress and successful director. In 1994, he was chosen by Massimo Troisi for "The postman", which, with its great success of public and criticism has made itself known all over the world, and has opened not only the doors of the Italian cinema but also in overseas. Always was engaged in social activities and in the recognition of human rights, Mary Grace supports a number of associations such as the Susan G. Komen and the President of the Association Vite Senza Paura Onlus, by actively supporting women victims of violence.





Director of the board of directors


born in Messina on October 4, 1937

Chairman of the Honorary Council of State

Great Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic (reg. no. 877 Series V)



Rosalba Adduci. Lawyer of the court of Civitavecchia, the owner of a law Firm, she mainly deals with civil and administrative law and he is a civil mediator at the Conciliation Body of the lawyers ' associations of Civitavecchia.


Founding Member

Real estate lawyer, she worked for almost ten years for one of the oldest and most important national philanthropic institutions: Fondazione Roma, in charge of Head of Institutional Activities of one of its branch. She gained skills in development and monitoring of projects in cultural and education fields. She became a member of the Association shortly after it was established in order to support this extraordinary initiative on the behalf of the weakest categories.




and training

protocols, and proposals of law

to inform and sensitize public opinion, also preparing to train social workers able to act promptly

We move to the institutional level, by presenting proposals for a law, and by signing memoranda of understanding with organizations that are committed to the cause, as the "No Silence Code" with Artemisia non-profit organization.

With the toll-free number thanks to the collaboration of Artemisia Onlus, we welcome requests for help and move immediately to support women victims of abuse

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